Dear Real Telematics,

Thank you for your electronic monitoring system, this has greatly reduced damages to our Forklift Rental Fleet, from abuse to fuel and tyre wear.

With the immediate reporting of any exceptions we are able to pin point problems and resolve them very quickly. Also this assists us to give advice to the customer/s and training of the forklift driver to empower his/her skills and proficiency.

We find the service we receive from Real Telematics is exceptional no matter what we request we are assisted and helped speedily with a professional outcome.

Thank you once again with your monitoring system we look forward to many years of a good business relationship.

Alan Henshall

Technical & Training Consultant, Avis Forklift Centre

RSA Market Agents have been using FMX for around 2 years now and through use of the FMX system have been able to keep the operating costs of our fleet of forklifts down in terms of fuel usage as well as abuse of equipment.

Gjalt Hooghiemstra

RSA Operations Johannesburg, HLS

I have been dealing with Real Telematics since this store opened in August 2012. As the Maintenance Manager, I’m responsible for all lifting machinery, both battery operated and fuel driven.

The real control installations on all my machines provided me with detailed information re the daily operations of machines and operators. I have been using this extensively to give me information on everyday machine operations and surely saved on unnecessary costs to repairs and negligence from the operators.

Initially all operators of machines was informed of the FMX installation, but could not understand that we are able to monitor machine and operator behaviour. I had a reasonably high impact report rate after store opening due to operators not believing that FMX could provide me of their every moment behaviour. By taking disciplinary steps against the perpetrators, the impacts have declined to an extent of nearly zero impacts.

Also, I’m using this tool to motivate operators, working towards an incentive put in place, of being the operator of the month and annually operator of the year. Since this initiative was put in place drivers started taking ownership and pride of their machines.

FMX has made my job easier and I will definitely recommend companies to install this tool on their vehicles.

Martin Coetzee

Maintenance Manager - Makro Cape Gate, Makro

It’s a pleasure for me to once again give feedback on your product. Once again thank you for coming with such a brilliant product in the forklift industry. There is no better product in the forklift industry as this.

As said in my acknowledgement letter in 2008, FMX brings in value adding benefits not only to aQuelle but to the entire forklift industry. FMX is unique in that it does not only benefit the company in fuel, brakes, impacts and lifetime savings of the forklift but it’s also beneficiary to the employee (the operator). The employee can also see how well he performs and also take home the driver of the month certificate.

With FMX properly used in a company, the company can benefit in long life on forklift batteries as the FMX monitors and reports when the battery is used bellow allowable volts. Benefits in tyres and long life of the forklift itself as operators will use it specifically for work and not just as a “Free Taxi” around the company, this will be prevented because the FMX monitors drivers run hours v drivers production hours.
There are many more benefits to the system such as bonnet open report, utilisation reports, dates for driver forklift license expiry etc. Having used it since 2007 I now only want forklifts fitted with the FMX system in our warehouse.

Once again I congratulate Real Telematics for coming up with such a brilliant product.

Gladson Songelwa

aQuelle Warehouse Manager, aQuelle

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