FMX Display – Touch the future of Fleet Management

The display is an LCD, touch-screen, operator interface linked to our FMX fleet management system, enhancing the features already provided in order to optimise productivity and reduce operational costs. The display adds dynamic, visual feedback to the user before, during and after operation of the machine.

Display features:

  • 5″ colour capacitive touch LCD screen with a resolution of 800x480.
  • Robust industrial strength casing.
  • Access control via Dallas iButton Tag or the selection of a username and pin code.
  • A pre-operational checklist to report on any faults on the vehicle and prevent the vehicle from starting if required.
  • Active feedback to the operator on all alerts & warnings.

Access Control:

Access control is via the selection of a username and pin code or using a Dallas iButton Tag to identify and display each user’s details.


The new electronic checklist replaces existing paper checklists giving the user the opportunity to immediately correct or address physical faults identified in accordance with Company Health and Safety Policies. This action can range from preventing operation (machine starting) to sending emails to management informing them of faults on a particular machine.

Advantages of an electronic checklist:

  • Randomising and customising of checklist questions to prevent the user from learning answer sequences instead of reading the questions
  • Completed checklists are stored and accessed electronically allowing for easy access to information.

Alerts and Warnings:

These events inform the operator of any exceptions that may have occurred. The display provides alerts for the following exceptions:

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