real Vend - prepaid electricity

Real Telematics has developed and manufactured a leading prepaid vending solution.


Point Of Sale MachineThis includes the hardware, software and infrastructure to vend cellular airtime, electricity, fixed line airtime and much more. The hardware consists of a Point Of Sale (P.O.S.) vending terminal called the Advanced Vending Terminal (AVT).

The AVT has been designed specifically to cater for the harsh conditions of Africa but is able to cross pollinate into more friendly urban environments as well. This allows placement of terminals in places ranging from your local supermarkets to street vendors all over Africa.

All our systems are designed with flexibility in mind, and the AVT is no exception. If a requirement arises where another product needs to be distributed via the Real Vend system, the capabilities are there.

With modern technology it is possible to achieve almost anything and this is clearly evident in the revolutionary AVT and Real Vend system.

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