Forklift managment

Real FMX, South Africa’s leading forklift management system, is the flagship product under the Real Telematics banner.

As Real FMX has been developed specifically for forklift and materials handling equipment the client’s operation does not have to change whatsoever to accommodate a fleet management system’s procedures or limitations. Real FMX is designed to seamlessly fit into the operating environment of the forklift’s.

Forklift Engine Protection System

Real FMX is a total forklift management and engine protection system, operating via GSM networks to provide the flexibility of information-on-the-go anywhere in the world.

Many satisfied clients, representing thousands of forklifts, have fitted Real FMX to their fleets. These customers mostly operate within the South African borders but we also have units active in other Southern African countries, as well as in Australia and the UK.

Use REAL FMX, the number one name in forklift management systems to:

  • Reduce your fuel costs;
  • Reduce your tyre wear;
  • Limit speeding, improve driver behaviour and assist with driver training;
  • Reduce damages and maintenance costs;
  • Improve the life expectancy of batteries, starter motors, gearboxes and differentials;
  • And many more features.

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