Forklift Safety System Warning Light

Advanced vehicle and Forklift warning light systems for industrial, commercial and warehousing machinery

Real Blue visual warning safety systems help minimise the risk of accidents by alerting pedestrians to the presence of approaching machinery.

A coloured, concentrated light beam displays a large, highly visible square on the floor, in front of or behind the machine to warn pedestrians and enable them to take avoiding action. In loud, noisy workplaces, ‘seeing him before he sees you’ is the most effective way to reduce operational incidents involving , forklifts and other machinery

Yellow Forklift - Forklift SafetyGet the real solution for enhanced workplace safety 144,2mm Forklift Safety System LED light WD-2LO6

  • 3W Cree LED – configured for 9-80V DC
  • Rugged rust and corrosion-proof aluminium housing
  • UV-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Available in black finish
  • Shock-proof and vibration-proof

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