End to End Betting

Real Telematics has developed a complete end to end betting solution for African Innovations which has been extremely successful in several countries around Africa.

This allows punters to bet on a range of games including but not limited to:

  1. Pooled (pari-mutuel) horse and soccer betting
  2. Fixed odds lotteries
  3. Pooled lotteries
  4. Instant win (lucky draw) competitions

End to End Betting Terminal

The solution is comprised of a specially modified version of an advanced vending terminal (AVT) point of sale terminal, a web-based management portal, a database and game rules processor.

Real Bet Terminal

A derivative product from our Real Vend AVT focused specifically on betting applications, the terminal acts as a method of collecting user input and transferring that to the gaming server. It also receives server responses and displays or prints them. User interaction is driven by a simple menu system. The Real Betterminal uses USSD and GPRS for data transfer and has dual SIM cards allowing the use of multiple networks for maximum coverage. It was designed with reliability in tough environments as the primary requirement and it has repeatedly proven itself where competitive offerings have failed.

The flexible structure allows easy addition of new products and can be upgraded either remotely via GPRS or locally via RS232. Long battery life and a variety of power supply options allows vendors to operate in non-traditional locations and the modular construction allows for easy maintenance in the field by non-technical staff. Two RS232 peripheral ports allow expansion of the terminal functionality to include the use of an OMR Ticket Scanner and a Barcode Reader.

Web Management Portal

The portal allows the user to manage all aspects of the system including:

  1. Customising available competitions withing the scope of the rules;
  2. Loading and closing competitions;
  3. Managing users and security;
  4. Managing vendors’ primary and commission accounts that can be run in a pre- or post-paid manner;
  5. Querying and analysing the state of the tickets;
  6. Viewing of financial and analytical reports.

Database and Game Rules Processing

A central database stores all information about activity on the platform. All critical information is stored and audited providing complete traceability for users and outside authorities. Custom game rules are run for each competition type to automatically calculate winning tickets and their values. The rules can be altered within predetermined limits by changing the configuration parameters.

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