“AS children we all feared bedtime and the things that went bump in the night. Not much has changed and now that we are adults, we fear these bumps for other reasons,” says John Valentine, Director at Real Telematics. “Impacts by forklifts are one of the biggest causes of stock loss, building, racking and other machinery damages, and according to our data base, the majority of such impacts occur after normal office hours and on weekends.

This is very pertinent in 24 hour operations, but high damages also occur during normal day shifts as well,” comments Valentine. “Which is why many customers turn to Real FMX for risk mitigation. Currently Real FMX is the only product in the world that incorporates traditional Fleet Management, Driver ID, Engine Protection, Transmission Protection, Starter Motor Protection and much more in a single control box.

It truly is the best value for money available. Not only is the outlay relatively cheap but the ROI is also extraordinary.” “Unlike some other impact products, Real FMX has a built in accelerometer to detect impacts, which alleviates the risk of wiring and other sensors falling off due to the robust application experienced by forklifts in most operations.

Our impact sensitivity can be configured per machine per application, ie. ten machines on the same site with different tasks can all be set up differently. Every impact, its severity and who the driver was is recorded, and at pre-set critical levels will send a live alert via email or SMS to the relevant manager detailing the machine, driver, date, time, exception situation and severity thereof,” says Valentine. “Even with cameras onsite, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the individuals that cost you so much money every day. But with Real FMX those instances are highlighted with enough information to be able to take action where necessary. Speed is often the cause of many impacts and not often is it taken into account that whether you hit a pallet at 1km/h or 10km/h, you will still wipe out a pallet of product, particularly FMCG.”

“Combined with speed, the weight of the machine and its load makes the inertia levels very high, which is why health and safety is always such a serious aspect in materials handling. Again with Real FMX speed monitoring, speed alerts and speed limiting are all configurable per operation and can be very powerful in reducing site incidents.”

“Visible damage from impacts is only part of the true picture,” says Valentine. “Like icebergs, only the obvious is initially seen. But under the water lurks bigger issues as well, such as long-term metal fatigue where axles, masts and other moving parts life cycles can be diminished through impacts and other misuse. If you want to take control of your site, reduce costs and increase productivity, the only wise choice can be Real FMX.”

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