“SPEED is a product” says John Valentine, New Business Director at Real Telematics. Increasingly we are exposed to the ‘disposable age’ – where products, services, companies and their people have incredibly short-term expiration dates.

The continual striving for relevance in the superfast modern age remains the ultimate goal. Even within the Fleet Management industry, our efficiency is often based on how fast our service has been and in this regard we get it right far more than we get it wrong. Nevertheless, getting it right most of the time often does not wash with the consumers of the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) generation.

Never is this more apparent than in the mass hysteria that erupts when social media platforms such as Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook etc. crash for a few hours. Not having that speed of access to data/info/updates immediately available at your fingertips is apparently enough to create emotional upheavals of epic proportions. “I had the privilege of attending a talk a few years ago given by a popular speaker by the name of Pieter De Villiers, Head of R&D at Shadowmatch.

He had a very amusing yet poignant theory on the ‘disposable age.’ It’s well worth listening to. It’s this talk that opened my eyes not just to service, but to the speed and quality thereof,” says Valentine. “This is why we have put so much emphasis on speed of service at Real Telematics, without compromising quality. Like many other companies a few years ago we were content to ‘fit and forget,’ but that is no longer the case. The modern customer wants you to interact with them regularly, not just at the time of the yearly increase. You need to remain relevant in their eyes otherwise the next order may not go your way. Complacency is a killer,” says Valentine. “Speed, being such an important factor in our service is also represented in our product line-up. More and more orders are received based on the crucially important Health and Safety Standards reflected on sites where we have Real FMX installed in forklifts, or Real Track in ‘yellow goods’ and tractors.

We find that monitoring, reporting and controlling speed is one of the most important features we are asked to provide. This is then backed up in real time by detailed alerts and reports on the use and abuse of speed on certain machines and by certain individuals. We strongly believe that speed is probably the highest contributing factor to critical impacts (racking, products, walls and other machines) and general safety risk, as well as unnecessary wear and tear on moving parts, brakes etc., enough to give the Insurance industry conniptions and reflexively increase your premiums,” says Valentine. “Within our own organization we have quadrupled the size of our customer service team and Installation staff purely to get to the customer quicker, and we get this right most of the time. I’m not sure that anyone can claim 100% service and uptime. It should be constantly evaluated and upgraded, according to the evolving industry requirements.” “Speed is fast becoming a standard in our daily lives that we cannot do without.

This is why we at Real Telematics pride ourselves on Real Time data, with Real Relevance, when you Really need it.”

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