“Pallets are essential in most Supply Chains, and as such they take quite a pounding during an average life cycle,” says John Valentine, Director at Real Telematics. Opinions differ, but reliable sources say that white wood lasts 2 to 4 trips, pooled wood up to 30 trips and plastic up to 60 trips, all at various costs and environmental signatures of course. No doubt there are probably also exceptions to the rule. Typical wooden pallets can range from R250 (USD 20) to R1 000 (USD 83) or more for durable plastic pallets and then many sites also commonly use a deposit system to guarantee returns.

Whichever way you look at it, pallets can be very expensive, especially if they do not make the expected life cycle. Two primary reasons exist for such short life spans (there are others). First there is incorrect storage in areas which are open to weather patterns. Second, and probably the most significant reason, is losses and damages caused through incorrect forklift application. The simple act of inserting the forklift blades can cause significant damage when done so incorrectly.

Correct behaviour includes stopping the forklift, lifting or dropping forks to the correct height, aligning with the opening, and then inserting slowly to the correct depth. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, resulting in very costly repairs or write offs on pallets. Such a cost is totally unnecessary and can be avoided through the use of products such as Real FMX. Real FMX identifies the individual concerns, alerts on the specific incident and its severity, records behaviour and provides full analysis of trends with said individuals, despite the individuals using several different machines.

If someone is getting away with damaging your pallets, product, building, racking and other machinery it’s probably because we let them. What other reason can there be if a system such as Real FMX exists to curtails such issues?
Bring real savings into your budget by simply installing Real FMX on your forklifts. It makes real cents.

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