In this digital era, we are so used to having immediate answers at our fingertips that it’s actually hard to fathom people who do not want that edge. Quite frankly its baffling, says John Valentine, Director at Real Telematics.

Everything and everyone around us, is geared to immediacy and instant gratification. So much so that service levels perfectly acceptable 10 years ago, are now considered tardy and inefficient. The forklift industry is no different with service expectations and penalties built into many contracts.

Any such expectations are of course re-active, resulting in downtime and production losses, even when speedily resolved according to SLA’s. Which is why many customers and dealers now turn to Real FMX, a pro-active system which alerts of impending incidents, or, at time of incident, giving the culprits limited time, if any, to skip site with of course nobody knowing anything!
Real FMX just went into high gear, in anticipation of the next evolutionary step in forklift fleet management. The traditional Live Alerts, Live Reports and Live Access, now has additional support in the form of a Live Bureau service where our agents watch the system for you, and respond immediately to critical incidents or to impending incidents on your behalf.

Steven Hendey, CEO at Real Telematics says, “We noticed some time ago that more of our customers and dealers were under pressure because of time and resource constraints and were looking at ways to streamline operations and respond to customer needs timeously. The Real FMX Bureau stepped into this breach so effectively that we signed up just under 400 machines to go live on 1 November 2016. So it’s not just us that sees this as a value for money offering. Confirming that one of the greatest strengths in Real FMX is that we never rest on our laurels, our R&D department is constantly developing to stay ahead of customer expectations.

Then of course, there is the timing of this offering. November and December is peak time for many industries, when resources and time simply cannot be wasted.

Live Alerts, Live Reporting and Live Analysis, combined with Real service NOW!
Real FMX forges ahead with Real solutions to everyday challenges when you really need it.

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