“RECENTLY I read an article referring to ELD systems (electronic logging device.) Although the writer took great care to straddle both opposing views it frankly just reminded me how much of a minefield leadership, management and indeed employment has become,” says John Valentine, Director at Real Telematics. Valentine believes that much of the current leadership, management and employee struggles have been perpetuated by people who make a living selling those books and who make a living presenting at seminars of various types. “With that said, I have read some fantastic leadership books and have attended seminars by awesome speakers. The point is that you as a leader, manager or employee have to navigate the murky waters of populist opinion yourself, and determine what works best for you in a current situation. Balance is the key.” “Coming back to ELD’s,” continues Valentive, “Driver behaviour has never been easier to manage.” The advent of the various telematics tools in use today, whether they are cameras, incident logging or productivity measures, make it so simple. The trick of course is finding the middle ground so that managers are able to reward or discipline, and where drivers feel that their efforts are being recognized and are cautious about behaviour which they know can be penalised. “At Real Telematics we have really tried hard to create products that can be used by both parties. Hiring and firing staff is really expensive and time consuming for all involved. What we want to see is managers and drivers both embracing the benefits of using measurement tools that can improve their daily lives. Particularly with our product Real FMX (forklift system) we feel that we have successfully created the middle ground. Real FMX is not only used extensively to generate simplistic reports with meaningful information to manage and reduce operational costs, but it is also extremely effective as a motivational and training tool,” he states. Real FMX allows you to select the features that you want to measure your drivers on, create a weighting for each feature, and apply evenly to all machines and all drivers. “This then allows you to see which of your drivers need additional attention and which are superstars and need further recognition.

Real FMX automatically selects ‘Driver of the Month’ from the list of qualifying individuals, taking away the perceptions of favouritism and opinion.” “There really is a fine line between productivity and health and safety. In our experience, we often see that the drivers who are lauded for the best productivity are often those that also cause the most damage to their machines, product, racking etc., mostly because of the speed at which they operate, which increases impact incidents and other operational costs. Such speeds are also often on instruction from management, who are measured on straight productivity rather than on the cost of productivity. Once again it is the happy medium we seek, good productivity at the lowest cost,” comments Valentine. “Driver behaviour measurements are powerful tools in the hands of committed managers and committed drivers. Do not waste money on tools you will not use fully. One of the complaints we often field is that ‘your system does not work for us, we are different.’ On investigation we find that the reports are unread, the system is never logged into and little or no effort has been made to engage staff pro-actively. Your managers also need to be managed.” “Consequently we find that Real FMX is making tremendous waves locally and internationally by those who really want to make a difference. Get Real information, with Real benefits, now, with Real FMX.”

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